(Review) Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S Camera Quality Samples

January 1st, 2012 § 7 comments

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Camera: Galaxy Nexus vs. iPhone 4S

All pictures on the left are from the Galaxy Nexus, and iPhone on the right.

It’s no surprise that the iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras on the smartphone market, maybe even THE best camera, so I didn’t do this test to try to promote the Galaxy Nexus as having a better camera. All I intend to do here is give everyone a fair comparison of the camera on the best iPhone out at the time of this post, and the camera on what is probably the best overall Android device out right now. I realize there are much better Android cameras out there, but it is my opinion that the Samsung Galaxy Nexus has the best combination of all specs and barely lacks in any department, therefore it is fair to compare these two cameras.

As for the camera quality, the iPhone gives much clearer quality, and produces brighter pictures in all settings. The Galaxy Nexus produces grainy pictures at times, but is still an improvement for many currently upgrading Android devices.

See the showcase above to compare all the pictures side by side, or see the high resolution pictures below individually. Check out my post that samples the Galaxy Nexus’ video camera, and check out my Youtube channel for more videos:


Galaxy Nexus (High Resolution):


iPhone 4S (High Resolution):

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  • Fazle

    Did you get an iPhone?

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  • Fazle

    The iPhone shits all over everything…

  • Guest

    “It’s no surprise that the iPhone 4S has one of the best cameras on the smartphone market, maybe even THE best camera” – one of the best undoubteably, but definately not THE best. SGS2 beats it for sure, even endgadget which lean more towards iOS agrees.

    • fair enough. just keep in mind that I am a huge Android fanboy, so I would never claim Apple was better at something unless I believed so.

      • goatmilk

        no iphone no care

        • My07mail

          Hi guys,
          I have a Nexus S i9023 which was upgraded from 2.3.6 to 4.0.3. I was so impressed with the performance and the ICS look with new features.
          The camera got better and the timing with flash and shot was perfect sync. The panorama option was an added feature.
          So i thought i shall go for Galaxy Nexus i9250 so i shall get full function ICS and better camera. I was so disappointed when i see the quality of the pictures. I tried capturing same shot from both and when i zoom in the quality of Nexus S was far better and now i am sad after spending double i get only a bigger screen AMOLED plus Face Unlock.

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